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Learning from start-ups: the good and the not so good

Innovation has become the new buzzword in the world of financial services. Today, the quest for innovation has become increasingly important as adopting a culture of innovation is often identified wit...

17 Jul 2018
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots to set a new benchmark for ISO 9001 organisational knowledge across 1m organisations

ISO 9001 is the most widely used quality management standard worldwide. There are over 1m organisations across over 170 countries that are certified to this standard. The latest edition ISO 9001: 20...

13 Jul 2018
James Piggot

User experience enhanced by artificial intelligence

I had a couple of good user experiences over the past couple of days, they may seem like small beer to some people but to me they point to a bright future... One was I wrote an email in Gmail that men...

09 Jul 2018
Freddie McMahon

Corporate training cannot cope with the ever-widening knowledge gap

As the pace of change continues to accelerate faster and faster, it has become overwhelmingly clear that training is no longer fit for purpose, to address the ever-widening knowledge gap. This is not ...

30 Jun 2018
Naresh Kurup

Digital Disruption: How Fintech is Pushing Banks to Change

Fintech has brought unprecedented disruption in the financial services ecosystem. While traditionally, fintech was used for back office functions by leveraging software to help banks manage customer d...

30 May 2018
Retired Member

Getting Started in Algorithmic Trading Includes Overcoming Common Problems

Many people have attempted to become the next great trader. They try assets like cryptocurrencies, or futures, or options and soon find out that it isn’t as easy as they originally thought. They run i...

29 May 2018
Retired Member

Mind the pension gap!

Humans are short-term focused Ever since we were little, our (grand)parents have been pushing us to save more money for unexpected costs. The funny thing is that although many of us understand the con...

08 May 2018
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots provide the means to go beyond the constraints of legacy systems, but who will lead change?

After so much innovation and disruptive technologies, the issues surrounding legacy systems still prevail at scale. For example, Global Banks are spending around US$220bn a year on IT expenses, with...

20 Apr 2018
Retired Member

The day of the Fintech is now

Within the financial services arena, cost cutting is still a major driver. But what else is creating the perfect storm for Fintech providers and their clients alike? Or is it all just hype? Rapid resp...

13 Apr 2018
Retired Member

European Fintech: Trends, Adoption and Investment

As the millennial generation begins to enter the stage in their lives where they make larger purchases, invest, and buy property, they are finding that the traditional banking services their parents r...

11 Apr 2018
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots a new way of thinking. Are lawyers complicit in undermining GDPR?

Since the beginning of online services, lawyers have been the major influence upon the customer consent process. Their preferred instrument is to produce dense content, such as terms and conditions, c...

30 Mar 2018
Simon Barnby

CMOaaS Proven marketing skills, as and when you need them

In today’s fast paced, cost-conscious world, marketing often gets overlooked–and yet for small and growing firms in particular, it is a vital activity that needs to be done. And needs to be done well....

12 Mar 2018

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