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Founder & CEO at PeopleFund
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Bio Joey Kim is the Founder and CEO of PeopleFund, Korea's fastest growing marketplace lender that is opening doors to financial freedom through affordable loans and attractive alternative investment products. He is also currently serving as the President of the Korean Fintech Industry Association. Career History Prior to founding PeopleFund, Joey was a venture capitalist working at Softbank Ventures. Prior to that, Joey started his career at Macquarie Securities' Investment Banking Division. After his experience in banking, Joey spent five years in management consulting at Bain & Company.


Asia Financial Services

Riding the Korea FinTech Wave

17 Apr 2019

In stark comparison to how technologically advanced South Korea is (say for instance, introducing the world’s first 5G internet for smartphones) and being recognized as the most innovative country in the world according to Bloomberg’s annual Innovation Index, the Korean financial system is astoundingly outdated because of bank incumbents that are...