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Bio Hamza knows firsthand the benefits of accessing good data for making better decisions and is an advocate of improving data access for everyone. Career History Hamza began his career as a quantitative analyst, with a career spanning multiple roles in commodity financial markets including senior roles at ING Bank and NRG Energy, as well as working with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO


Fintech innovation and startups

The race for alternative data

11 Dec 2019

'Data is the new oil.’ It’s a dramatic statement – and certainly a contentious one. Just as one publication makes the case for it, another rubbishes the concept. The first argument points out that data is becoming the world’s most valuable resource; the second, that the analogy is lazy and rapidly collapses, whether because data is infinite or bec...


Fintech innovation and startups

Elevating trust with lessons from the past

16 Sep 2019

In 1852, Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator. If the hoisting rope broke, its safety mechanism automatically brought it to a halt – as he demonstrated to dramatic effect at the 1854 world fair. As detailed in Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator, the American inventor stood on a platform high above the audience, before making the order ...


How banks and financial institutions can harness alternative data to make better decisions

21 Aug 2019

The dependency by banking and financial institutions on traditional data sets has resulted in gaps of information in decision making processes. Quarterly earnings reports and industry whitepapers are often slow and infrequent and as these traditional sources of information are readily available, they tend to offer limited actionable intelligence ...