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Product Director, Enterprise Fraud Management at Central 1
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Bio As Product Director, I am responsible for the implementation and evolution of the Enterprise Fraud Management solution as well as authentication products, used by credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. Targeting reduction and elimination of payment fraud across multiple payment types, and introducing new technology to combat emerging attack vectors. Career History Ron is a seasoned product manager, with a varied background in different industries ranging from public relations for the Canadian military to managing complex privacy-enabling software for the healthcare market under HIPAA regulations. Along the way, he made stops in telecom with Bell Canada (focusing on risk, credit and collections), fraud product management at Equifax (both within Canada and International), as well as supply chain data management with a startup in Ottawa (Assent). He enjoys understanding challenges and helping develop solutions, getting close to users and living their experience to drive innovation.


Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis

Mitigating fraud risk : effective strategies for small financial institutions

22 Feb 2024

In 2023, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported a staggering $554 million in victim losses related to fraud and cybercrime — nearly 5 per cent more than what was reported in 2022, which in itself was a 40% increase from 2021. The landscape of fraud prevention is constantly evolving to keep up with fraudsters’ ever-changing tactics. As financial in...