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Jackie Barwell

Jackie Barwell

Director at ACI Worldwide
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Bio Jackie Barwell is Director of Fraud Product Management at ACI Worldwide. Career History Jackie has more than 27 years' experience within financial crime. She joined Retail Decisions (ReD) in late 2011, prior to its acquisition by ACI in 2014, as Head of International Products.



Fighting the UK’s Payments Fraud Pandemic

14 Oct 2021

Fraud rates in the UK have been climbing to new record heights, so much so that the UK’s industry body UK Finance has been talking for the first time about fraud posing a national security threat. According to latest figures, £754m was stolen from bank customers during the first half of this year - a 30% rise compared to the same period in 2020. S...


Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis

How knowledge of your customers can help fight fraud

20 May 2019

The eCommerce industry is continuing its rapid growth and the lines between physical and digital shopping are becoming increasingly blurred. This change in the way consumers conduct purchases is creating a number of challenges for merchants, especially when it comes to customer visibility and fraud prevention. Providing a good customer experience...