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A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

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Breana Patel

Covid 19 and Future of Regtech

The use of specialized tech to help financial institutions meet heightened regulatory requirements — a.k.a. regtech — is poised to continue taking off this year. Given the uncertainty surrounding COVI...

22 May 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Living a debt-free life - Utopia or realistic aspiration?

Recent surveys indicate that the biggest aspiration of millennials today is not to buy a house or to get married, but to become debt-free (e.g. Business Insider, New York Life, ...). In the US and UK...

29 Apr 2020
Alex Axelrod

In the wake of COVID-19, QR codes are taking over the world. Will Visa and MasterCard survive?

The coronavirus pandemic has taught people to use QR codes in new and broader ways. This presents a great opportunity to shake up international payment systems with their wildly expensive commissions ...

17 Apr 2020
Erik Pickett

VitaMins: Socioeconomic effects of COVID-19

The number of Google searches for the word unprecedented has recently spiked to unprecedented levels[1]. And for good reason; the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything in living memory - and it is not ...

06 Apr 2020
Adrian Klee

Banks now need a firm sense of their purpose beyond creating shareholder value

Right now it is business-as-not-usual for millions of SMEs due to the Covid-19 crisis. Their survival relies on quick and fair distribution of the emergency funds backed by the British government. Tha...

03 Apr 2020
Daniel Fasnacht

The Way Forward: 21 Ideas for Bank Leaders to Boost Business after the Crisis

In the hardest times, there is always a way to get better. With The Way Forward, I’d like to share disruptive changes that shape industries, businesses, and societies in the context of financial servi...

25 Mar 2020
Paul Shumsky

Fintechs Designed To Thrive In The Face Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is expected to fundamentally change the way customers interact with their banks, retailers and other service providers – and fintech businesses, which were built to operate in a fast-m...

22 Mar 2020
Breana Patel

How To Improve Risk Management Processes In The First Line Of Defense For Large Banks

The Three Lines of Defense model, abbreviated as 3LOD, is a modern tool for enterprise risk management that has shifted corporate philosophy. This model creates an environment where everyone in an org...

17 Mar 2020
Joris Lochy

Budgeting apps - A red ocean looking for a market

In August 2019, I wrote a blog post on PFM tools called "PFM, BFM, Financial Butler, Financial Cockpit…​ - Will the cumbersome administrative tasks on your financials finally be taken over?"...

08 Mar 2020
Ravishankar Poonjolai

ESG Investing: A New Approach to Thoughtful Investments

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment has gained traction in recent times with growing patronage from institutional as well as millennial high net worth investors. ESG investments wer...

06 Mar 2020
Bhavesh Vaghela

What do customers want?

Anyone working in product development needs to think, feel and live like a customer to truly understand what they need to do. I’ve worked in digital for over a decade, but all too often I’ve heard the...

28 Feb 2020
Satya Swarup Das

Impact of 5G- An analysis of opportunities and challenges for BFS Industry

The 5th Generation cellular network technology, commonly referred to as ‘5G’ is one disruptive tsunami that is coming very soon. As per Gartner hype cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2019, it is defin...

20 Feb 2020