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A place to share your insider knowledge of the best places to unwind where you live or work. Everything from cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants through to galleries, venues and events.

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Bo Harald

Entering 2020

2019 was not - mildly speaking - the best of recent years. Global warming - also manifested by ongoing horrible fires in Australia - advanced, democracy was weakened in many western countries by irres...

01 Jan 2020
Retired Member

6 Nations 2013 - Finextra Fantasy League

It’s that time of year again… the RBS 6 Nations kicks off this weekend and as a result so does (the arguably more important) Finextra Fantasy League on ESPN As with previous years, it’s fre...

31 Jan 2013
Retired Member

6 Nations 2012 - Finextra Fantasy League

Good news for rugby fans; with the RBS 6 Nations kicking off this weekend it means it’s time again for the annual Finextra Fantasy League. It's free and easy to play and Finextra will be awarding a bo...

02 Feb 2012
Retired Member

6 Nations 2011 - Finextra Fantasy League

It's that time of year again - the RBS Six Nations is upon us! This year all teams seem blighted with injury worries with some of the biggest names currently not expected to play. Bookies are calling ...

01 Feb 2011
Retired Member

Finextra's Fantasy Formula One!

Well, it's been a long season and it's over for another year and we have a new Finextra Fantasy Formula one Champion! David Hill, a Database Adminstrator for CQS Management, is our 2010 Champion. Wel

15 Nov 2010
Retired Member

Finextra Fantasy Formula One - Have you got what it takes?

The 2010 Formula One Grand Prix season is almost upon us with the first race this weekend in Bahrain. There promises to be a lot of excitement this year with 4 former world champions in the mix, four ...

09 Mar 2010
Retired Member

Formula One: Finextra Fantasy Grand Prix

Well, the Grand Prix season is over for another year. All that remains is for Finextra to award the bottle of champagne to the winner of the Finextra Formula One League: And the Winning team is: Kin...

03 Nov 2009
Retired Member

The internet isn't all good apparently

I stumbled acrosss an article in the Telegraph this morning, "50 things that are being killed off by the internet". Most of the things that are getting killed off seem to be for the better ...

18 Sep 2009
Retired Member

City protests of the past

Working in the heart of the City I have had to adjust to a new form of culture. There is no dawdling and a blessed reprieve from tourists taking pictures of every passing red bus. I have in effect, le...

30 Mar 2009
Retired Member

Finextra Fantasy League - Round-up

So after an exciting and turbulent seven weeks, the 6 Nations has finally drawn to what can only be described as an epic close, with Ireland taking their first Grand Slam victory for 61 years (and wel...

24 Mar 2009