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Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
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Bio Aurelie writes about the evolving business and tech trends in digital banking. Career History She helps financial services organizations worlwide design and execute their digital strategies.


Digital Banking Trends

Protecting Customers From Harm Is A Crucial Part Of Banks' Financial Well-Being Strategy

28 May 2021

On May 4, the UK government launched a new “Breathing Space” scheme in England and Wales. This debt respite scheme gives people struggling with debt problems a 60-day period of legal protection during which all interests and charges on their debt will be frozen while they receive professional debt advice. No enforcement action will be taken during...

Trends in Financial Services

Sustainable finance: Will your firm talk the talk or walk the walk?

10 Mar 2020

There’s no better time than the start of a new decade to take a retrospective look at the past and reflect on what has changed and what hasn’t. Looking back, the evidence is clear. Not only has the 2008 global financial crisis exacerbated economic inequality, it has also caused a massive reputational damage to the financial services industry. And y...