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How will SaaS fare in 2024?

21 Feb 2024

We all start the year trying to figure out the future prospects for our particular industry and I’m no exception. My industry is Software-as-a-Service, SaaS. It’s a global market that research firm Gartner reckons will reach spending levels of US$232.3bn in 2024, which compares with US$197.3bn in 2023 and US$167.3bn in 2022. Healthy figures, whic...


Shadow IT is on the rise and it could cost you

17 Jan 2024

We’ve all done it right? Downloaded a bit of software which will help do our jobs. Nothing wrong with that you might say. We all can get bored with the company provided software that doesn’t quite match what we need. And who wants to go to the IT department, make the case for a new expense and all the paperwork that’s required to get it up and wo...

Fintech World

So was the tech fest Web Summit 2023 worth it?

14 Dec 2023

I’ve been going to Web Summit for a few years now and having attended this year, I was asked in the office recently whether it was worth it. And rather than immediately answering outright, I did give it some thought. All industries have their fair share of trade shows and tech, and finance, like gathering at regular intervals around the world to...