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Share opinion and experience on how the payments landscape is changing and learn about the challenges and opportunities facing payments stakeholders in the future.

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5 ways to maximise the value of instant payments

Instant payments are the ‘new normal’. The last decade saw a ramp-up in adoption as regulation, customer expectation and technology dovetailed to create immediate, 24/7 demand for financial services. ...

30 Jun 2020
Hannes Van Rensburg

Taking payments in chat to market

There were some high profile announcements of WhatsApp payments available in Brazil ( recently. Anybody interested in chat commerce sat up and took notice. Some also tried out...

30 Jun 2020
Sunil Jhamb

How to build and grow your payments business

The payments market opportunity Ecommerce is big business. Emarketer has predicted that global ecommerce sales will reach $5 trillion by 2021, following sustained annual growth rates of more than 20%....

17 Jun 2020
Chris Principe

Bond-Fires of the Vanities

Bond-Fires of the Vanities, The US Government plan to save the Bond Market, Many of you may remember the 1987 Tom Wolfe book that became the 1990 movie “Bonfires of the Vanities”. The story is about...

08 Jun 2020
Ron Delnevo

ALL In-Person Payments CAN Be Equally Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic

One of the aspects of the current Coronavirus Pandemic that makes my blood boil is the tendency of the advocates of particular payment methods to claim they are somehow safer for the public to use for...

18 Apr 2020
Peter Davidson

In an Era of Remote Work, How Will Firms Manage Cross Border Payments to Employees?

The Coronavirus pandemic is already seeing many tech firms direct their employees to work from home. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN), Twitter Inc, (NYSE:TWTR), and Facebo...

18 Mar 2020
John Burgos

Your customers have adopted digital payments. Have you?

From being a cash-oriented economy, India has transformed its payment sector to a large extent. The boom in digital payments is attributed to various factors like smartphone penetration and progressiv...

02 Mar 2020
Chris Principe


CRYPTO or GOLD It’s the start of a new year and a new decade! I am feeling great because I am back in my twenties again! As I recall my twenties and early banking career, I realize how my thinking has...

09 Feb 2020
Chris Holmes

The future of invisible payments

In the not-so-distant future, payments are expected to become more or less invisible as our financial processes become more sophisticated and frictionless. Invisible payments take physical payment met...

13 Jan 2020
Paul Marcantonio

3 payment technologies to increase conversion

Though it may seem like everything in the payments space is geared towards boosting conversion, i.e. the amount of times a potential customers completes the intended action of clicking “buy” – and thi...

25 Nov 2019

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