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The great un-subscription

22 Apr 2022

The pandemic fueled a mass subscription due to a shared feeling of all those stuck at home, boredom. As a result more people subscribed to Netflix with the streaming giant reaching 220 million subscribers globally. We clung to Netflix, our modern book club, as a way to connect with our loved ones. Our text chains were consumed with Tiger King, Bri...


Inclusive FinTech

The move to eCommerce platforms and what it means for SMEs

23 Sep 2021

For centuries, payments and how people make and receive them, barely changed. It wasn’t until the first set of computers were plugged into a budding technology known as the internet that talk of real evolution began. Fast-forward to today, and the payments ecosystem is unrecognisable. £3 in every £10 is spent online, contactless payments account ...

The Payments Business

The Power of Positivity in Business:

02 Aug 2021

The UK has reported almost 14 consecutive days of falling Covid case numbers, tumbling from over 45,000 cases a day to below 25,000 cases as of yesterday. This is in sharp contrast to the predictions made by certain experts who believed daily cases could climb as high as 500,000. While the Prime Minister has urged caution in spite of the good news...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

In a post-Covid world, adaptability is the best business strength

26 May 2021

The rapid roll-out of the UK’s Covid vaccination programme, with over 60 million administered doses to date, means that for many of us, life can begin to resemble something close to normal. This is a remarkable achievement and gives hope that at long last, this agonising and tragic period of our history may be finally drawing to a close. For busi...