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The Payments Business

How microservices are changing the game for operational resilience and cyber security in payments

04 Aug 2021

Cloud adoption among banks has accelerated exponentially in recent years with views now pivoting towards seeing cloud as central to resiliency challenges. Unlike cloud-based systems, legacy technology cannot be easily patched and upgraded. As a result, weaknesses can remain in a system for a significant stretch of time. It is not surprising that 6...

Platform Payment Technology

Why Cloud Payment Processing is the answer to scaling challenges at banks

27 Jul 2021

The global impact of Covid on payments has seen a surge in the use of contactless cards and account-to-account transactions, creating a giant pressure point for payment processing. Banks and financial institutions must adapt if they are to cope with substantial increases in payment volumes but also more effectively and efficiently handle the inevi...

Platform Payment Technology

Why Enterprise Banks Must Adopt Innovations in Payment Technologies

30 Jun 2021

The global rise of digital banks, including Monzo, Starling, N26, Volt, Airwallex and Revolut, has continued at pace and as a result, all have successfully managed to acquire sizable customer bases since their respective launches over the past ten years. Their success can be attributed to a mixture of extraordinary customer service, perfect timin...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Minimising the Risk of Transforming Core Payments Technology

04 May 2021

Implementing technical change will always incur risks. But, by putting the right measures in place will ensure that these are kept to a minimum. In their latest report, the Financial Conduct Authority looked into why change related incidents are consistently one of the top causes of failure and operational disruption and highlighted the key ingre...