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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Minimising the Risk of Transforming Core Payments Technology

04 May 2021

Implementing technical change will always incur risks. But, by putting the right measures in place will ensure that these are kept to a minimum. In their latest report, the Financial Conduct Authority looked into why change related incidents are consistently one of the top causes of failure and operational disruption and highlighted the key ingre...

Open Banking

Is Open Banking all it claims to be?

23 Apr 2021

Open banking is becoming more widespread. The UK’s OBIE (Open Banking Implementation Entity) reported that the number of open banking users doubled from January to September 2020. With the EU looking to introduce open banking in the coming years, some reports claim that open banking has ‘delivered on every count’. But despite its impressive growt...


Cloud Banking out of the Box

Why financial institutions are banking on cloud-native technology to stay competitive

17 Nov 2020

Digital banking has exploded, fueled by growing digital confidence, technology advancement and new, agile challenger banks but also a global pandemic creating an almost overnight shift in how both businesses and consumers move money. Pre-Covid, digital transformation was already gaining importance among UK and European Banks as a strategic necessit...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Future-proofing your payments infrastructure

23 Sep 2020

Any chief technology officer (CTO), in any financial institution big or small will tell you that the challenges in payment processing are the same. After all, a payment is a payment and people want them to be fast, really fast. Speeding up payment processing is one thing but being able to handle the complete, end to end payments journey from first ...