Gabe McGloin

Gabe McGloin

Head of Business Development EMEA at Verifi at Verifi Inc
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Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Transactions, Disputes & the Power of Automation

28 Jul 2021

Everyone wants the transaction to happen Online payments are evolving toward ensuring every card-not-present (CNP) transaction is a dependable, secure, and seamless experience for the customer. And rightly so, as e-commerce retail sales rose by over 32% in 2020.1 Just to authorise and authenticate a cardholder’s purchase requires data retrieval fr...

The Payments Business

Reduce Customer Disputes with Data Transparency

22 Jul 2021

The digitisation of commerce has escalated the need for card-not-present (CNP) businesses to bring proactive customer communication to the fore. From digital receipts to high-tech AI chatbots, sellers have more options than ever to interact with customers. Not only will embracing these efforts heighten transparency, but also improve customer servi...


Dispute Management Mindset: Changing the disputes game

01 Apr 2021

Merchants and sellers have considered disputes as part of doing business ever since chargebacks first came into being. Chargebacks, however, are no small inconvenience, and they can cost businesses an estimated $30 billion a year [1]. These numbers are only set to grow in the near future when considering recent shifts in consumer behaviour. In-sto...


A little automation makes the chargeback world go round easier

22 Jan 2021

So much of life is routine. On most days, many of us wake up at a set time to go to a job; we work a planned schedule; we commute a predetermined route both ways. On top of that, we program our morning coffee to brew at a certain time, set thermostats to turn on when we’re close to home after work, and even push a button to get our car to drive it...