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Gabe McGloin

Head of Business Development EMEA at Verifi at Verifi Inc
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Avoiding Black Friday Blues

20 Nov 2019

Although the Christmas shopping season starts earlier every year, the transaction frenzy really begins with the sales juggernaut of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to an Adobe Analytics survey, 70% of responding consumers planned to shop over this year’s four-day period beginning the day after Thanksgiving. For the second year in a row, C...


What do chargebacks mean to merchants?

24 Sep 2018

Chargebacks shouldn’t have to be part of the cost of doing business, but unfortunately for many merchants it is their reality. This creates a real challenge for businesses of all types, everywhere. Consumers are increasingly leaving merchants out of the dispute process, initiating a fraud-related chargeback directly with issuing banks up to 76 per ...