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James Booth

What PSPs should consider when preparing for the holiday season

The holiday season, like winter, is coming. Singles Day (11/11), Black Friday, Cyber Monday—these officially kick off the holiday shopping season. But this year will be a bit different. Inflation ...

31 Oct 2022
Ilan Friedman

A Better Way To Manage Contractor Invoices In The Software And IT Services Industry

Corporations that deliver software and IT services find themselves concerned with an ever-increasing demand for transformation and improved customer experience, growing requirements around cybersecuri...

26 Oct 2022
Jelle Van Schaick

What Is Merchant Acquiring? The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the exciting world of payments! In this fascinating industry, acquiring is a key aspect. But what exactly is merchant acquiring? And how does it differ from an issuing bank or a payment pro...

19 Oct 2022
Delia Pedersoli

The power of foresight: CX during turbulent times

Delivering a great customer experience is about both reacting to and anticipating your customers’ demands and requirements. In a survey by Salesforce, of over 15,600 consumers and business buyers glob...

17 Oct 2022
Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui

Contextual Commerce: The Next Big Thing in Digital

Over the past two decades, retail has come a long way from brick-and-mortar to online. The future is even more exciting as contextual commerce promises to transform the customer experience. So, what i...

24 Sep 2022
Kim Albrecht

Eliminating month-end reporting headaches with AP automation

Month-end is a stressful time for many accounts payable departments. The creation of closing reports can be a monotonous and time-consuming task, particularly for those still dependent on manual proce...

29 Jul 2022
David Smith

A Reflection on Payments Fraud: 2022 and Beyond

The dramatic surge in card fraud during the pandemic has been well documented. More recently, market research is showing a reduction in the number of fraud cases as a result of payments organizations ...

28 Jul 2022
Joris Lochy

Refunds - A bigger problem than you would imagine

Every business has to deal with refund requests. As there is (at first sight) no business added value in processing these requests (to the contrary they only cost money), very few companies invest in ...

25 Jul 2022
Max Kent

Taking Back Purchase Control as Inflation Soars

Max Kent – VP of Global Procurement at Compleat Software, the purchase to pay software house Already exceeding 9% in the UK, inflation is set to hit an eye-watering 11% before the end of the year, ac...

25 Jul 2022
Mykyta Grechyna

New Ukraine’s Fintech Legislation: Embracing Innovations

This year the Law of Ukraine on Payment Services (“LPS”) enters into force marking a new chapter in the country’s financial business environment and regulation. LPS introduces description, framework o...

07 Jul 2022
Donica Venter

Meeting Consumer Demand: How Omnichannel Payments are Changing the World

Technology has changed at an astounding pace over the two few years, especially for the payments industry. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the development of payment solutions far beyond what anyone...

09 Jun 2022
Mikael Lijtenstein

Supporting the growth of cryptocurrency transaction with payments

Providing seamless payment journey, with the options for customers to pay with their preferred local payment methods, is not only necessary for international crypto exchanges, but it is key to make tr...

27 May 2022

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