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Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

The surprising link between share of wallet and accounting connectivity in cross-border payments

30 Oct 2023

B2B payments is rapidly evolving as the new battleground for foreign exchange providers. It has the fruitful combination of delivering consistently high growth but remaining relatively untapped, as a significant chunk of business payments still flow through traditional banks. Growth in the B2B sector in FX payments widely outpaces other business ...

Outsourcing Banking, Financial Services Operations

Tackling the churn problem in Point-of-Sale

03 Nov 2022

Every year about 30% of restaurants go bust. The life of any hospitality or brick-and-mortar retail business is usually short, particularly in the small and mid-market segment. Blame high fixed costs, staff turnover rates around 70%, and a fickle customer base. This is doing business on hard mode. Unsurprisingly then, the hospitality and retail se...

Banking and Lending Solutions

The Small Business Administration’s Direct Lending Proposal is Well-Meaning but Flawed

17 Mar 2022

Small businesses are one of the most important pillars of the U.S. economy. They employ 47% of Americans and contribute $5.9 trillion to overall GDP. The nearby convenience store, the auto repair shop around the corner or pizza parlor down the street are constants in our lives — and at the heart of local communities across the country. But times ...