24 May 2017


Kunal PatelTagit - Singapore

Mobile Wallets - Is The Future Rosy?

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Mobile wallets have been talked about for years, I've lost count at the number of reports I've read citing that mobile wallets will dominate the world and that your traditional wallet will be replaced by an app on your smartphone. The UK and Europe My first foray into the mobile wallet world was way back in 2012, working for the European based Tele...

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Bharaneedharan RajamaniAltimetrik - Chennai

Escrow Payment Services a boon to B2B Market Place

12 May 2017  |  5937 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

B2B Market Place With the advent of new technology and sky rocketing business needs B2B market place is gaining momentum like never before. It’s been predicted by industrialist and experts, that by 2020 India’s B2B industry will be worth of RS.45crore. B2B market place governance model and regulation is in tremendous upward trend since the users ar...

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Chaney Ojinnaka
Chaney OjinnakaVendorMach - London/New York

Treat Suppliers like Clients and Reap the Benefits

11 May 2017  |  3553 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Most organisations strive to be on the best possible terms with their clients but too often neglect with third parties that contribute to the success of their business. The nature of buyer and supplie...

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Myles Dawson
Myles DawsonAdyen - London

4 tips to optimize your recurring and subscription payments

10 May 2017  |  4880 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Increasingly, businesses are adopting subscription and recurring business models, as championed by the likes of Netflix and Spotify. Indeed, Zuora’s latest Subscription Economy Index highlighted how s...

TagsCardsPaymentsGroupPayments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Anthony  Walton
Anthony WaltonIliad Solutions - Leeds

The biggest threat to the future of your payments business

09 May 2017  |  4445 views  |  3 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

I read a couple of articles this week which reinforced my belief that the biggest threat to most payments businesses is their inability to adapt quickly enough to the changing landscape. The first one...

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Howard Berg
Howard BergGemalto UK - London

Using biometrics to marry trust and convenience in the banking world

04 May 2017  |  4886 views  |  1 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Last month, a new survey of UK consumers found a growing appetite for the use of biometric methods to access and authenticate online banking services. In particular, it found that consumers would pre...

Hans-Martin Kraus
Hans-Martin KrausCapco - Frankfurt

Digitization demands new approaches to pricing in retail banking

04 May 2017  |  5132 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Something for nothing, or a great deal in exchange for an attractive price? In a digital age, how can banks identify and select charging models for their online services? Banks have an opportunity to ...

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Johan Loennberg
Johan LoennbergComtrade Digital Services - Vienna

Chatbots, an Effective Way of Dealing with Customers and Fintechs

04 May 2017  |  4477 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Banking has it tough. Today's customers are in charge while banks are facing many threats at the same time. Luckily, there is a simple solution to both of these challenges – chatbots. Today's custom...

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Chaney Ojinnaka
Chaney OjinnakaVendorMach - London/New York

Unlocking the power of the supply chain

25 April 2017  |  4768 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Most organisations aspire to be on good terms with their suppliers; indeed, collaboration has become something of a buzzword amongst supply chain professionals. Still, there is a problem: the nature o...

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Urvish Macwan
Urvish MacwanHyperlink Infosystem - Ahmedabad

Mobile Technology, Its Importance, Present And Future Trends

24 April 2017  |  8848 views  |  0 comments | recommendations Recommends 0

Mobile technology is a form of technology that is mostly used in cellular communication and other related aspects. It uses a form of platform where by many transmitters have the ability to send data a...

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