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Ron Teicher

The Road To Overcoming Data Overload

You don’t need to be an actuary to notice the correlation between the growth of ecommerce and the evolution of online merchant-based payment fraud. This is due two main factors: The first is the proli...

01 Dec 2016
Retired Member

What can businesses learn about financial documents from sending a birthday present?

When sending an important parcel through a courier, you wouldn’t want it to get lost or end-up with the wrong individual. Think about the last time you’ve sent a birthday present through a courier. Yo...

30 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Smartphones, Strong Authentication and Cardholder Expectation

Brave New World Would you believe, we still rely on fifteen-year-old technology for today's internet payment security? So much has changed in that time, the exciting news is we’re about to make a big...

22 Nov 2016
Retired Member

How are charity CFOs keeping up with the changing payments landscape?

The term “cashless society” is bandied around a lot. While there’s little chance of physical currency becoming obsolete any time soon, there’s no doubt that the rapid adoption of digital payment metho...

18 Nov 2016
Anthony Walton

10 things a CEO should know about testing payments before it goes wrong

We were talking in the office recently about the pressure CEOs face when things go wrong. If a payment system falls over, and it hits the headlines, it can have a devastating impact on the business. A...

14 Nov 2016
Jeremy Light

Bitcoin, a Living Service

I was asked recently why Bitcoin is becoming popular with millennials. To answer, I have three points. First, Bitcoin works. As the Bitcoin evangelist, Andreas Antonopoulos pointed out in a tweet rece...

14 Nov 2016
Ron Teicher

Transaction Laundering: Unreported Ecommerce On the Rise

Criminal activity, including fraud, is ancient. But there is a type of merchant-based, online fraud relatively new to the payments industry. Known as Transaction Laundering (TL), this form of fraud is...

07 Nov 2016
Adedeji Olowe

mCash would change the future of payments in Nigeria

The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), along with numerous banks, have launched mCash as an alternative payment system in the populous country in Africa. mCash rides on USSD and anyone can ...

03 Nov 2016
Retired Member

Bacs sets new daily processing record

A staggering 109.3 million payments were processed in just one day in late September by Bacs Payment Schemes Limited (Bacs), the organisation behind Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit in the UK. Th...

02 Nov 2016
Bo Harald

Protecting costs - NOT consumers

Posted this in 2008 - edited now Had a discussion last week with a representative of a consumer organization at a conference in Brussels. It did strike me - again - how little interest these organizat...

01 Nov 2016
Electronic invoicing
Bill North

A brave new world: the need for innovation in B2B payments

Simplicity and flexibility. In the many conversations our teams have with corporate treasurers working in multinational organisations around the world, these are the two words we find constantly repea...

27 Oct 2016
Retired Member

SWIFT and the payments roadblock for SME exporters

If you have transferred money to an overseas bank account lately, chances are it was processed by SWIFT. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications’ FIN messaging standard has al...

27 Oct 2016