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Bio Trustee of Open Banking Nigeria. CEO at Trium Networks, a Nigerian venture capital, and builder Career History Adedeji Olowe is the CEO of Trium Networks, a Nigerian venture capital, and venture builder. Alongside other industry veterans, he founded Open Banking Nigeria, the nonprofit driving the development and adoption of a common API standard for the Nigerian financial industry. Adedeji blogs form .


Fintech innovation and startups

Lendsqr is solving the African credit problem

06 May 2022

There’s no shortage of research to show how crucial consumer credit is to the average African and the economy. Yet credit is difficult to access because big and established banks know that there are easier ways to make money than consumer credit; why give $1000 to 10,000 customers when you can give $10,000,000 to a single corporate client? It has f...

Open Banking

TrueLayer joins Open Banking Nigeria, to drive acceptance of API driven finance in Africa

22 Jun 2020

TrueLayer, the leading provider of financial APIs, has joined Open Banking Nigeria, the industry-formed advocacy group driving the adoption of open banking in Nigeria, to develop the open Application Programming Interfaces (API) standards for the Nigerian financial industry. This partnership, which would be with active participation of other indus...

Banking Architecture

Dropbox banking: The backbone for Fintechs and a probable model for banking in the future

27 Jun 2017

The argument about if Fintechs and Banks are frenemies would never end. And it’s justifiably so. Retail banks have a model of providing checking, savings, investment account services. Of course, they layer that with credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, etc. Fintech showing up on the scene means one thing, banks would be losers. There isn’t any...


mCash would change the future of payments in Nigeria

03 Nov 2016

The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), along with numerous banks, have launched mCash as an alternative payment system in the populous country in Africa. mCash rides on USSD and anyone can easily use the code to make payments at large stores, corner shops, etc. The mCash payment system, which is automatically available to over 28 million...