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Andrew Fear

Banking and Risk - Artificial Intelligence is nothing new

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a discipline that has been revived. In the 1980s Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems were very fashionable and the British Computer Society had an Expert Systems...

29 Sep 2016
Operational Risk Management
Andrew Fear


Do you ever have to read brochures that are nearly unreadable? Brochures that push the superlative functionality, the embroidered success story, the many advantages and sparse disadvantages, the reaso...

27 May 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Andrew Fear

Some simple truths about project success

Several recent surveys show that the number of larger projects which are truly successful is well under fifty per cent. Some are outright failures; others fail to fulfil business objectives in some wa...

29 Nov 2013
Banking Architecture
Andrew Fear

Business Objectives, Communications and Collaboration

The enormous and continuing success of i-devices, tablets and smartphones raises the question of how they can best be used to fulfil business strategy. Having the technology is one thing, but using it...

30 Oct 2012
Unified Communications in Financial Services
Andrew Fear

How to Ensure a Disastrous Core Banking Project

The emphasis is shifting from finding the system that precisely matches requirements to delivery capability - finding a core system that can be implemented with the minimum of trauma. Experienced core...

17 Aug 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Andrew Fear

What centralisation and streamlining mean for core systems

What centralisation and streamlining mean for core systems Stuart Gulliver sounded a war cry. Substantial improvements in cost-to-income ratios will be achieved at HSBC through a series of measures in...

11 Jul 2011
Innovation in Financial Services
Andrew Fear

Let Bankers choose their own core-banking systems

(Core systems replacement – evaluating your options) Ownership is the thing. Whose systems are they after all? Putting the ownership of the core-banking systems back where it belongs, with the bank...

18 Mar 2008
Innovation in Financial Services