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A community for debating the role of UC within the banks today and how it may progress in the near / medium term.

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Simon Richards

Why banks’ DevOps can’t be all Dev and no Ops

‘Back office’ really doesn’t do justice to the pivotal role played by banks’ operations teams. It conjures an image of people dutifully beavering away to keep the lights on, happy for those on the fro...

09 Sep 2019
Simon Richards

How investment banks can respond to the fintech challenge

With the world’s largest institutions facing an existential threat from new fintech challengers, all eyes are on the DevOps team and their in-house lab to drive their own innovation in response. Howev...

15 Jul 2019
Ujwal Santuka

What are some of the Customer Data Platform use cases for financial services sector?

1. Collection of data in its original form Frequent modifications on the original source data makes it difficult for marketers to pre-determine the use of data for their marketing strategies. So it is...

26 Jun 2019
Simon Richards

How Ops teams can reclaim their weekends

It’s the weekend. The markets are closed and the trading floor has fallen silent. The usual cacophony of voices negotiating complex FICC transactions has moved on, making its way to a nearby bar where...

18 Jun 2019
Simon Richards

If a trade needs explaining, it needs recording

When Standard Chartered announced in its end of year results that it will include a $900 million provision for penalties relating to investigations into FX trading issues, trading compliance was once ...

03 Jun 2019
Simon Richards

How many patches are you sitting on?

You could be forgiven for thinking this should be a rhetorical question – the answer is surely none? However, such is the scale and complexity of managing FICC voice trading systems, with all their in...

14 May 2019
Simon Richards

How to lose USD 9 million in an hour

What’s in a call? In this world of algorithms and billions of dollars being traded in each second, the idea of a trade being done over the phone seems anachronistic. But for fixed income, commodities ...

02 May 2019
Patrick Chambeau

The sell-side needs a collaborative workflow solution

Every day, several trillion dollars of securities are traded around the world, often executed in fast-moving volatile markets, as we have seen this week. Between 2000 and 2013, the size of the debt ma...

18 Oct 2018
John Howard

Three tips to help get your employees working from home in 2018

While not all jobs can be done from home, advances in technology have made this more viable than ever before. Video conferencing, real-time shared document editing, and high-speed internet mean that c...

21 Dec 2017
John Howard

Flexible working will be a priority for financial services firms in 2018

Flexible working practices have been talked about for the past decade, but for many firms and employees, policies are finally becoming a reality. 2018 is going to be a turbulent year for the financi

14 Dec 2017