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James Stickland

Using Regulations to Boost Your Business

Regulations and mandates often strike fear in C-suites and compliance managers, as they automatically gravitate toward how these could restrict them or hold back their business. Focusing on the puniti...

25 m
Robert Siciliano

How to Monitor a Cell Phone

Do you fancy yourself a spy and wondering how you can monitor someone else’s cell phone? You won’t get that information here, but there is some good info on cell phone monitoring if you keep reading: ...

6 h
Jesse Champagne

Moving B2B Payments From Cheques To Digital Pt. 2

Cheque creation and issuance can delay the movement of capital, costing businesses time, money, and efficiencies. Cheques can hurt your business cash-flow, as it’s never clear when a cheque that you s...

6 h
Ketharaman Swaminathan

Why Do People Obsess Over Security And Then Make Payments Without A Password?

Let’s take the following two statements: Indians are obsessed over security Indians make payments without entering any password. Each of these statements is a fact. But, taken together, they appear ...

10 h
Arunachalam N

Blockchain Technology -Scope for Intraday Liquidity Management

Across the globe, Liquidity Management continues to be key function for bank treasurers. As Corporate Banks / Financial Institutions seeks to have safe and secured network to enable more robust measu...

12 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Tim Nash

Business change assurance by partnering automation and regression testing

Banks are currently busy working away to deliver a range of innovative use cases driven by regulatory change, new technologies and the ever increasing threats associated with cyber crime. Of particula...

13 h
Corey Baggett

18th vs. 21st Century Disruption: A Parable in Payment Disputes

There is something happening in the eCommerce world that is baffling. Since the illogical actions and inconsistent mindsets are hard to explain, I’ll use an example from history to illustrate a mode

14 Feb 2019
Paul Malyon

Data 'control issues' still holding businesses back

We have come along way when it comes to the effective management and utilisation of data. However, according to our recent research, most businesses are still struglling to unlock the full potential o...

14 Feb 2019
Data Management 101
Miloslav Hoschek

When the 5G network comes online on the 2020s..

When the 5G network comes online on the 2020s, a smartphone with an ultra high speed download of 1 Gbps or more is displayed. Due to the popularisation of 5G, the download speed reaches 20 gbps, the ...

14 Feb 2019
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Andrew Beatty

Banking Process Automation Hits Its Stride

The Gartner "Hype Cycle" has long been a good way to look at capabilities and think of whether we are in the early days, in the hype, when a new technology has promise but the standards and ...

14 Feb 2019
Maximiliaan Van De Poll

Why isn't banking leading the way in security?

I was recently surprised to read an article on Finextra that highlighted Which? had reviewed UK banking security and concluded that seven of the top twelve UK banks did not offer 2FA for online bank

14 Feb 2019
Trends in Financial Services
Chris Principe

WTF World’s Their Future

WTF – World’s Their Future Our World needs us to work for a better tomorrow Yes, I know, I usually write about technology and this title does not reflect that topic. But technology it is! Over the pas...

14 Feb 2019
Going green