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Paper cheques are so 17th Century

A sign of the times: The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) and Apacs, the UK payments association, has issued a new advice guide for consumers on how to write and receive cheques.

Recent research conducted by C&CCC has shown that over half of all UK account holders are concerned about receiving cheques and around a quarter don't like to write cheques because of the risk of fraud.

The guide offers straightforward advice to keep safe - such as correctly dating a cheque and drawing a line through any unused space - and tips on alternative payment methods.

The guide also warns consumers against accepting cheques from people they don't trust, especially for high-value transactions, and reserves a whole page to highlight the risks arising from cheque fraud. It also notes moves by UK high street retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencer to stop accepting paper cheques at the check out.

The hidden subtext: "Isn't it time you nitwits moved out of the the 17th Century and into the 21st?"


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