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Serious about cutting emissions? Start with what you drink!

Most people know that bottled water is a rip-off. Anyone for volcanic spring water from New Zealand at £21 for 42cl? 

There is in fact nothing wrong with tap water.

But worse still is the energy and materials used to produce the bottles, many of which are used once and not recycled.

The Observer at the weekend reported: it takes 162g of oil and seven litres of water (including power plant cooling water) just to manufacture a one-litre bottle.

To make the 29bn plastic bottles used annually in the US, the world's biggest consumer of bottled water, requires more than 17m barrels of oil a year, enough to fuel more than a million cars for a year.

So - if you're serious about going green - scrap the over-priced bottled water in your client meetings and head for the tap. 

Full story is here.


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