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FATCA website updated and open for registration 19th August


The FATCA web page have been redesigned and updated. Additions include:

  • a  new landing page for US financial institutions  that  addresses  their FATCA
    responsibilities; and information for governments interested in Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs). 

A link for the FATCA registration website will be added  in August, when the
registration system opens - projected to be accessible to financial
institutions on 19 August to commence registration.  Other key dates for
registration, however, will be extended by six months.  

After the FATCA registration website opens, a financial institution will be able to
begin the process of registering by creating an account and inputting the
required information for itself, for its branch operations, and, if it serves
as a “lead” financial institution, for other members of its expanded affiliated
group.  All input information will be saved automatically in the
registration system and associated with the financial institution’s account.

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