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Online users, Careful during holiday times

20 December 2007  |  4215 views  |  0

Holiday season is on. And Online users whether using Internet Banking or e-shopping or general net users, just a reminder even assuming most of you already know it.

  • Careful with mails, greetings or seasons blessing esp from unknown source (even if it refers Santa)
  • Be careful for any .exe file downloads

Someone may using keystoke logging software and catch you unaware.

I am sure that you will not be hacked and phished, but see whether following stuff helps you,

Scammers jingle all the way

E-mail scammers love the holidays

Holidays too risky for greetings

And wishing you Merry X-mas and Happy holidays

Note: - Opinions expressed here are my personal views and do not in any way reflect views of my employers


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