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Ten Months of the Mortgage Market in 140 characters or less

Ten Months of the Mortgage Market Social Media in 140 characters or less

A selection of my tweets on the mortgage market over the last ten months - at last the market is recovering albeit slowly.


Stamp Duty - It may only be March but the holiday’s over : Do the numbers stack up?

How a buy-to-let boom has transformed the mortgage market for a younger generation of buyers

Budget 2012: Bring in mortgage lending targets - Would lenders agree? How would it work? Countrywide

Financial apps – the drive to provide these and what makes a successful app – find out more in my blog post


The question if we really need to harmonise the mortgage market

Restricted mortgage availability is excluding many from home ownership @IanCowie on generation rent

North - South divide grows - negative equity blight - 30% more likely to be in arrears in the North :S&P The Times

European mortgage regulation – a bridge too far for harmonisation? Read my Euro Blog here


Will MMR drive the growth of ‘internet-only’ lenders? Halifax think it might.

A new AMI : Sinclair spells out several challenges including the importance of lending technology :MFG Online

Mortgage rewards - but not BOGOF - are they a good move by lenders?

No entry | Excellent review of the state of the UK mortgage market | Mortgage Strategy


Interest only mortgages: the root of mortgage evil or a valid option for buyers? Read here

Social media – new media or fact of life? : Should be an interesting seminar : BSA - Building Societies Association

How much are you sitting on? £5.6trillion in our bricks and mortar: Property wealth is a hidden comfort in recession |

Only 53% of consumers trust banks and building societies - what would be the government trust % ? | Mortgage Strategy

Facebook and finance - the next app revolution? Read my blog on Finextra


Good half time talk by Andrew Baddeley-Chappell - After England's Euro failure, mortgage market must avoid own goals

What are mutuals doing better than banks? Gross lending at mutuals rockets 54% in May -

Banking regulations? Interesting view from Robert Jenkins BOE FPC member : The Guardian

CML: Interest-only will recover - Industry in depth - Mortgage Introducer UK


Customer satisfaction in the Banking Olympics – the winners are?

Customer service? Young Brits still visit bank branches - they're usually closed though  

Will Tesco make a mark in mortgages? Perhaps not initially. Why every little helps - Boulger

Renting is an alternative to equity release in retirement - or should one hold onto the bricks?


At last some good mortgage news - good figures from the CML

Martin Wheatley: FCA will 'shoot first and ask questions later' is this the way to regulate?

Finextra: ICICI preps Facebook transactions - growing number of finance businesses getting social

52% of homeowners say they went direct to lender - be interesting to see which lenders?


Interesting article on investment in Social Media - Investec banks on policy to make social media work

Great research & insight from google If Content Is King, Multiscreen Is The Queen, Says New Google Study

How many of your customers are buying online? technology article @cmlevents e-zine. Read it here  

MMR: FSA misses the point by allowing in execution-only by the back door - Or sensible measures for existing borrowers?


Avelo claims one in five mortgages sold in branch | News | Mortgage Strategy

Survey finds only a quarter of mortgages sold through bank branches | Financial Reporter

Finlay voices concerns over repayment vehicles - will the buck end up at the lenders door?

Could we see an end to proc fees? Is charging up-front fees and rebating commissions the way forward?   


Bank scheme still not helping first-timers - Scheme needs targets !

Mortgage analysis - Did the Autumn Statement neglect the housing market?-Analysis-Money Marketing

Increasing Efficiency in Mortgage Sales - read my blog on Finextra

Mary Meeker's Latest Must-Read Presentation On The State Of The Web - might make you feel old at times...

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all. 



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