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Brits wake up to contactless payments

Tap and go payments technology appears to have successfully established itself in the collective British psyche over the last year, with 84% of people now able to identify the contactless symbol.

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its all about communication

As this form of payment (contactless card) is not yet supported by all issuers there is not the awareness needed - but hey - there is no need to be aware of it - unless you have an NFC card to use. Barclays customers will be aware - others not so.... Chip and Pin introduction in the UK was an all bank (therefore well communicated) message that got across to the public - Contactless is slowly being embraced and will eventually get there - in card form... Mobile has its own issues (almost insurmountable  - in my opinion) which include education, platform, security and technology/download and wallet issues to overcome... NFC Cards will get there i am sure - Phones? not soon..


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