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Swedish use of electronic invoices hits new records

Growing numbers are said to allow for environmentally-friendly payments using e-invoices

The Swedish Bankers Association reported that the use of electronic invoices has hit new records. Compared to 2009, in 2010 the number of e-invoices sent to private people increased by 34 percent. Today, one in three people accepts e-invoices. The winner is the environment, according to the Swedish Bankers Association.

According to research carried out on members of (and: by) the Bankers’ Association who offer e-invoices as well as a number of invoice issuers the number of e-invoices sent out last year amounted to 47 million, which equates to 14 percent of all internet payments.

“The potential is still great and the goal is that even more invoices will be sent out electronically. The continued development of user-friendly e-invoice services is key to success,” says Johan Schmalholz, e-invoice expert at the Bankers’ Association.

“We launched e-invoices for our customers in April 2010. They have been very positively received by our customers, above all in regards to resident parking and childcare. E-invoices are environmentally friendly, reduce the borough’s administrative costs and are simple for the customer,” says Andreas Nordström, City of Stockholm, one of the approximate 700 e-invoice issuers in the banking solution.

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