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Direct debit or e-invoice, big confusion

Today I spoke with my account about e-invoice. As I would like to use e-invoice as much as possible, there are some obstacles which annoys me quite a lot. Even in Finland, where we have everything structured, some invoice operators are not discussing with each other, not even technical level and that confuses not only me but my account company. There are two kind of e-invoices (net e-invoice and then bank based e-invoices) Some systems can handle only one system. But this is no news to us, because in Europe there is no standard, yet for e-invoice, even my former boss is trying to create one.

For most of the companies, there is huge confusion what is e-invoice and how it makes a difference to direct debit?

Sometimes I wonder is our current payment world still stuck in the last decade. Should we create totally new, transparent payment world with totally new payment products or should we call them services. For us payment experts we have two options, either make our current products a lot more easier to explain without three letter acronyms or just create better services.


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