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Is low code the answer to higher payment revenues for banks?

28 Sep 2023

As banks continue to grapple with the account-based payments processing model amid seemingly interminable margin pressures, the wider commercial implications of software developer capacity limitations are coming into much sharper focus. In response, banks are starting to think differently about the payments value chain and re-assess their approache...


Payments outsourcing: minimising risk and maximising value-added services

08 Feb 2023

Research indicates that payments transformation isn’t optional—it’s imperative for survival. Yet modernising payments infrastructure can be a costly undertaking. Tier 2 and 3 banks can roll out a successful payments transformation programme that minimises risk and maximises innovation for value-added services. Ask anyone in the industry and most w...

Banking Architecture

Future-proof payments infrastructure: The role of agent banks in the quest for modernisation

16 Aug 2022

The shift to a ‘marketplace’ model, rise of fintech companies and arrival of new players in the payments value chain have had a profound impact on market dynamics within the financial services sector. In response, banks must reconsider how payments infrastructure fits within their long-term strategy. The rapid transformation of the payments indust...

The future of Payments in Europe

2022: The Year That Banks Finally Change for Good?

01 Feb 2022

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Looking back at 2021 – which promised to be the year that the industry realised the full potential of data-driven transactions, instant payments and cryptocurrencies – it is clear that although there is consensus on the direction of travel and the opportunities, progress continues to be hamstrun...