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Can the Financial System Withstand Cyber Attack?

I report what I predict and what I observe. Risk managers should consider the risk of widespread adoption of sentiments in line with this post to an infosec site. Who would have predicted this? Will revelations about the financial industry about to be wikileaked add fuel to the fire?

The kids are apparently not the only ones with ideas.

I would ask Senator Lieberman if he counsels going to cyber war with a bunch of children with the US having such an unenviable record in the winning undeclared wars department. I hope there's not a rash of rashness going around.

My question would be what do you achieve if you, dare I say it, against all odds, win? (ask the bookies and odds from readers sought)

What will it mean if the US loses?

Is it a war where other countries will be dragged in?

The screen grab below is from a leading infosec site.


A picture speaks a thousand words.

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