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Does operational Utopia exist?

The dialogue between the needs of the business groups (often widely disparate and silo'ed business groups) and the responsibilities of the enterprise IT departments can often read like a clichéd marriage guidance session:

"But, he/she just doesn't understand me!?"

But what if there was a road to operational nirvana? An IT infrastructure that allows faster time to market new applications, more efficient divisions of labour for IT specialists and, of course, across the board cost savings.

Well, this week you will have a chance to find out, debate and discuss, by registering for our upcoming webcast Operational Utopia - Does your IT culture work with your business?

This Finextra and IBM-sponsored webcast seeks to examine how banks and financial services firms are implementing event management and transaction monitoring techniques in order to automate the IT environment.

Our panel includes:

  • Kenny Marritt, Head of Global Middleware, GISD, Barclays Bank
  • Dave Brooks, EMEA Network Services Manager, Credit Suisse
  • Sven Strassburg, Tivoli Sales & Strategy Leader for Business Process and Industry, IBM, Software Group
  • Colin Beveridge, independent IT analyst (moderator)

Our expert panel will discuss the following questions:

  • Does your IT department work for the business or with the business?
  • What benefits does automating your transaction monitoring offer to the enterprise?
  • What is the cost of transaction errors to a business?
  • What are some of the causes of transactional problems?
  • How does event monitoring prevent disruptions to the business?
  • How much does your IT department know about the businesses that use the IT?
  • Where do the challenges lie - is it with silo'ed applications or geographically distributed apps?

The only way to watch it, is to register now.


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