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Rod Stewart City presentation myth or real?

A few weeks back i was asked to give a short and informal presentation for Volante and the opening of their London office. It so happens that night i was due at a Rod Stewart concert and it got me thinking on what would Rod say if he had been asked? This is my idea of a Rod Stewart City presentation. If Rod is reading this it is only in jest and you were great at the o2 still sticking them into the back of the net


  What would  Rod Stewart say in the City


“Have I told you lately” MiFID 11 is almost upon us but “There is a reason to believe” that the impact will be far greater than the original. This is warning to buy side firms who often said in MiFID one “I don’t want to talk about it” In the first MiFID many in the industry felt “that some guys had all the luck” and the sell side gained the most while the sell side thought that the buy side did.


For the regulators “it’s a Heartache” as they are often seen as villains but take a “Down town Train” to their offices at Canary Wharf and you will see that these guys have an almost impossible job. Of course now the new Government is splitting FSA responsibilities with the “Get Back” in the game move putting the Bank of England into a pivotal position as the UK recovers and creates a better regulatory structure.


For the investor the recent years has been more about protection of “everything I own” but as the finance industry is “Sailing” through they are asking their clients to “stay with me” and “never give up on a dream”  


In the EU we are now seeing a push for the entry of Turkey this is certainly “ooh la la” by David Cameron seeing an opportunity for the UK and all “young Turks” However Turkey would have to say “Farewell” to easy regulation and hello to tougher controls. Margaret Thatcher a predecessor of David Cameron and was known as the Iron lady “Maggie May” have said never mind “the first cut is the deepest”


I have to mention Fi and Volante working together “it takes two” and this is a magic combination and certain that the London office will prove to be the “Hot Legs” of the business with their system crying out in to the market acclaiming “Do ya think im sexy” I am sure they will “Wear it well”


So this is the age of change in financial markets but “there is a reason to believe” Well “tonight’s the night” and “I was only joking”


Hope it brings a wee smile in these days where just about everything that is blogged is doom and gloom


PS Fi by the way is Fiona Hamilton the new EMEA head of Volante and a very good friend



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