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Addictive e-experience

I should have known - it is not possible to realize how good something can be before you get to use it.

It is not quite possible either to see the next steps before you take the previous. Even if a good part of my daily work has been and continues to be innovations in these fields.

Now I am amazed at how easy and addicting it is to pay the bills. You get a mobile message from your bank (in my case Nordea) "If you want to pay this bill on due date - press "a" - if now - press "n". No passwords - no nothing - just "a".. or "n" for realtime transfer (to accounts in Nordea)

So thoughts leap forward. The habit creating potential with consumer invoices is 1 billion times in the Nordic countries (and a further 300m with SMEs). The same "press "a" service for SMEs, simple products, powers of attorney, dentist and health check-ups, car inspection, buy this etc.

Innovations do not come from outer space - they are usually incremental steps - in the best cases building on ready skills - and reusing familiar tools for new purposes.



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