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Financial crisis spurs direct banking uptake

Demand for direct retail banking services has risen since the financial crisis, posing a major technological challenge for financial services providers desperate to attract and keep increasingly dislo...

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Maturity level of online channels

This report truely suggests that a time has arrived for comprehensively utlising the Online Banking channel from multiple dimensions. Traditional Banks are struggling to keep pace due to  a) competiting non-banking players, b) failing to connect new generations (say Y / Z), c) intensively strugging with silo's of multi-dimension IT applications, d) failing to maintain speed of "go to market" e) reliance on generic corporate oversight as against channel-led oversight, f) not recognizing full potentials of multiple factors which drive the channel etc etc . In essence, there is a strong need for each bank for identifying  with "evolution of online channel maturity" and specifying a suitable plan of action to survive, compete and thrive. In the absence of any such holistic approach banks have survival threat from both horizontal as well as vertical players and needless to say, more mergers / acquisitions would be visible in days to come.   


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