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Waiting for the SEPA Godot

On 7 June 2010, the newly-established SEPA Council met for the first time, and it is reported that migration end dates were discussed. No further news on that particular point has yet emerged.

We all know that large parts of Europe effectively close down either in July or August or both, so nothing much is likely to happen until after the summer, and meanwhile we continue to wait.

It really begins to feel as though we’re in the theatre of the absurd, waiting expectantly for something momentous. But as the characters in the play, we continue to wait, hoping that perhaps Godot will arrive tomorrow – “when Godot arrives, we'll be saved”. But Godot never does arrive.

Beckett’s theatrical work has been described as a play in which nothing happens. Twice. But SEPA does need saving, so our Godot just has to arrive. And soon.


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