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I go chop your dollar !

My sister who works in Paypal sent me this oldie. Didn’t see it before and I thought it’s too fun not to share ;)



I don suffer no be small

Upon say I get sense

Poverty no good at all, no

Na im make I join this business

419 no be thief, its just a game

Everybody dey play am

if anybody fall mugu, ha! my brother I go chop am



National Airport na me get am

National Stadium na me build am

President na my sister brother

You be the mugu, I be the master

Oyinbo I go chop your dollar, I go take your money dissapear

419 is just a game, you are the loser I am the winner


The refinery na me get am,

The contract, na you I go give am

But you go pay me small money make I bring am

you be the mugu, I be the master… na me be the master ooo!!!!


When Oyinbo [white person] play wayo [trickery], them go say na new style

When country man do im own, them go de shout bring am, kill am, die!

Oyinbo people greedy, I say them greedy

I don see them tire thats why when them fall enter my trap o!

I dey show them fire


Some words you might be missing:

Mugu: fool

Oyinbo: Caucasian

Wayu: trickery


By the way, I’m not considering Nigeria as the world capital of online fraud; some other nations have long since gained the honor. Still, the song makes you smile, doesn’t it?

PS, there was an unhappy ending to this song, at least from the singer’s perspective:

And another PS, when someone sends you a link to a cool video, make sure they did that intentionally… But relax, I wasn’t trying to prove a point about social engineering and how easily people fall for Trojan downloading scams; I just wanted to let you all enjoy some beat.



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