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All Finnish enterprises signed up for e-invoicing?

Statistics from the banking sector reveals that 129 000 enterprises were signed up last year. Adding a couple of additional months of brisk selling – and those signed up by a good number of non-bank service providers means that then total is now well north of 150 if not 160 000. This represents almost all actively trading enterprises.

So now we can tick off the signing up and move to activating usage. This should not be too difficult as so many invoice receivers have already said that it is “e-Invoice or NO invoice”. The challenge has been to get through the message that no ITskills are needed as web based tools in net banks or non-bank services are widely available.

The next layer for banks and partners in the accounting profession is to use this flow of structured business information into automated real time accounting and customer services. Cutting administrative costs in half in enterprises, serious cost cutting in corresponding public sector report receiving units AND adding very important value dimensions to the customers service to his/her customers.

Third generation e-banking services at its best..


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