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'Boomer babies' and 'busters'

I see them all around the world - the 'boomer babies' - professionals and fat cats who came into existence in boom times. You could spot them everywhere - seminars, conferences, networking and any expensive place. They were the ubiquitous fixers - offering exotic products and services which many of us felt in awe. The awe, of course, turned into shock when the recession hit the world!. The 'boomer babies' are a unique product of the good times. Highly paid and HNW individuals who were making money out of esoteric products and concepts. Some of them were pedding exotic products and most of them offering boutique services. Quality consultants, product development group leaders, rightsizing experts, wealth creation experts; many of them carried exotic titles and swaggered around the world looking down upon the 'mules' like us whose jobs were pretty straight forward.

Well, the global meltdown has thrown the entire mob of 'boomer babies' out of gear. 'Ashen faced and sunken lipped' - is what the social glossies would describe them. From being a toast of our increasingly complicated world, they have sunk to being questioned on their basic existence! Not just workers, even the regulators and governments hold these fancy creatures responsible for a lot of the financial world's travails now.

The economic meltdown brought in a new class of workers -'busters'. These are the class of survivors who are smartly riding the recession and making the most of the changed world. The 'busters' could be micro financiers, valuers, brokers, social workers, government regulators, and even domestic workers. Although affected by the recession, the busters still manage to hold their own in the tough new world. They are not held in thrall by most of us.

Well, just a few random thoughts on these two divergent species inhabiting our world!


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