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Dragons' Den, Twitter style.

An article in Saturday's Financial Times caught my attention. An angel investor is using Twitter as a means for start-up companies to pitch to him. It goes on to say that hopeful applicants have included an oil field in Iraq and a film studio.

It sounds like a great way to get the overall gist of what the propsective business does without having to read a portfolio or having a meeting before deciding whether he would be interested in investing. He has already invested in an Events and Publishing company via Twitter.

The article doesn't list his twitter name which is a shame as it would be fascinating to see what other pitches he has received.

The article does mention, however, that the Twitter bubble may have burst as its membership has fallen from 4.4 million members to 3.4 million between September and December last year. If only Finextra had a mere 3.4 million community Members!


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