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Finextra News story pages get a spruce up

The Web Development Team has been busy yet again. We've created a new look and feel for the individual news story pages. Some elements on the page have been moved around. Other elements have been added. I’ve highlighted some of the changes, (though there are others!):

1. We now have an at-a-glance view of the number of people that have viewed each news article as well as the number of comments that have been generated.

2. We are now showing the first 3 comments by finextra Community Members in the same page as the news article (and we still have the ability to link to all comments generated)

3. On the RHS we now have more information i.e:

  • a 10 day news review that shows the most viewed and the 5 most commented artivcles in the last 10 days
  • The most recent blogs and the most discussed blogs in the last 10 days.

4. The "Featured Job" panel now is more streamlined.

There will be more changes over the coming weeks and months.



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