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Let's meet again soon, long before Amsterdam!

Looking back on last week's Sibos, the one thing that really strikes me is how important pre-arranged meetings were. Numbers might have been down, but the people that were able to come along were determined to walk away with as much value as possible. The focus was on meeting and talking to customers, peers and suppliers - exchanging ideas and talking through problems. This extended into the conference sessions themselves, where discussions and sharing of ideas and information underpinned many presentations. People were talking about what the past 12 months have been like, and how they expect things to change before Sibos next year. Everyone wanted to make their voice heard, and to hear what other people had to say.

Debate and discussion aren’t new, but they are possibly more important than ever. Organizations and financial institutions are absolutely focused on talking to their customers, and making sure that they deliver the products and services those customers need. So yes, I'll see you in Amsterdam, but like the rest of the market, I'll be making sure I see you before then too.


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