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Widening Adoption Gap

Technology is not the narrow sector - it is amply on offer - and the costs are going from low to lower. Technology enables "anything" and in most cases the utility is evident. The adoption gap is still widening - even too much. Why is this happening?

In some cases it may be the less than perfect first versions that have scared adopters off. More often -I believe - it is the multitude of things to adopt - in relation to the hours of a day (less time for any one thing), that prevents adoption. There simply is not the time or the energy needed for familiarizing yourself with the next thing. Slow adoption again sometimes leads to less investments - available and even low cost technology is not offered even when it could cross the budget and resource chasm.

When looking at the dilemma from a service angle it is evident that:

- clarity in language is helping much - especially when going for the mass markets

- simplicity in user interface is increasingly critical

- addressing everyday needs holistically - often calling for collaborative offerings - instead of esoteric narrow interests with standalone products

- economy of repetition should always be used. Learn once - use everywhere - across services, service providers, public & private sectors and across roles (private, employee, citizen) - as outlined in previous post


Adoption Gap

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