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FBI nabs programmer accused of stealing trading code

A Russian computer programmer has been arrested by the FBI, accused of stealing proprietary trading code from the New York-based financial institution he used to work for.

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More on the Goldman Sachs code theft case

Bit of a follow-up to the Goldman Sachs code stealing shenanigans story.

Firstly, Reuters reports that Aleynikov posted bail yesterday.

Secondly, the mysterious company that offered to triple his salary to lure him from Goldman is called Teza Technologies. It's a new firm based in Chicago co-founded by Misha Malyshev, a former trader at hedge fund Citadel Investment Group.

Teza has suspended Aleynikov and told Bloomberg it was not aware of his alleged theft.

Thirdly, Nyse has moved to quash speculation that the code theft is related to an error that dropped Goldman from a trading report the exchange issued last week.

"It appears Goldman Sachs reported data correctly, and that due to a system problem on our part, the firm's individual program trading was not included in our weekly report," Nyse spokesman Ray Pellecchia told Reuters.

He also says there's no connection to the technical glitch that hit Big Board brokers last Thursday.

Finally, you can see Aleynikov's LinkedIn profile here.



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