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Telegraph's Twitter Fall fails

Somewhat surprisingly, the rather 'traditional' Daily Telegraph has embraced the hip new thing that is Twitter.

So, it decided to add a UK Budget Twitter Fall (live streaming update of tweets) to its site. This means that any tweet containing "#budget" makes it onto the paper's site.

I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that some mischievous twitterers have been having a bit of fun with this.

Some examples:

worldsmycountry: Breaking news: Barclay Brothers [Telegraph owners] to pick up your tax bill in unprecedented act of philanthropy. #Budget

BorisWatch: Will Lewis [Telegraph editor] smells of old man's pants #budget

chickyog: Well that's the Telegraph's #budget twitterfeed boned. What shall we destroy next?

Unfortunately the Twitter Fall has been removed but the FT and Guardian have managed to snatch some screen shots


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