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AI, nowadays, is dominating several fields of human life, including healthcare, automation, education, and business. People are now incorporating AI into their daily lives to perform routine jobs because of its potential for amazingly improved accuracy and productivity.

The business sector is specifically enjoying the miracles of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline marketing operations, particularly in content marketing. Content marketing, unlike other forms of marketing, involves substantial research and work.

AI-powered marketing solutions are revolutionizing businesses by enabling them to generate quality content faster than ever before. However, it is important to recognize that, despite several advantages of AI-powered tools and solutions there are some attached disadvantages as well.

The purpose of this article is to explore both the pros and cons of using AI tools in content marketing.

Advantages of AI Tools in Content Marketing

Although, there are numerous advantages of AI tools in content marketing. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the ones that have proven to be most effective for marketing in recent years.
1.    Quick Turnaround

Obviously, one of the key benefits of utilizing AI tools in content marketing is their speed of generating content. Hiring human writers, no matter how experienced and productive they are, will definitely take hours to create quality blog posts or social media posts for your business.

However, using AI tools, you can complete the same task in a few seconds. This saves the marketer a lot of time and lets them focus on other aspects of their marketing plan, such as performance tracking and consumer engagement.

For a better idea of how AI tools can generate long-piece of content within minutes, we are going to use ChatGPT – a popular content creation tool. We asked the tool to write a blog on “How to pick the best-fit leather jacket for yourself.” The content we got can be seen in the picture attached below:

The AI tool has quickly generated the content against our input. This will help marketers to create a number of blog posts in a quick time and cover a wide audience.

But texts are not the only thing that can be created with artificial intelligence. Using an ai image generator you can also get creative and unique graphics for your visual content.

2.    Improved Quality

Quality content is valuable, relevant, and engaging for the audience. So, for maximum content marketing success.

But the issue is that human writers may face some challenges in consistently coming up with quality content. This is where Artificial Intelligence tools come into play.

These tools are equipped with advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms that efficiently analyze the input content efficiently and make necessary changes. Antony Deroshan, Co-Founder of Domain Coasters said, "Using machine learning, we are able to process millions of expired domains in a matter of minutes, what would generally take several hours".

The changes usually include using more attractive words/phrases, restructuring sentences, changing the overall tone, etc. Taking care of these things will then result in improved content quality.

To demonstrate this, we are going to utilize – a popular AI tool for improving content quality. We have provided the tool with a passage to ensure that it provides an improved version of it.
The tool has improved the overall quality of input content by incorporating more appropriate words and changing sentence structure.

In content marketing, by utilizing AI-powered tools marketers can improve the overall quality of written quality for maximum user engagement and marketing benefits.

3.    Cost-effective
Another benefit of utilizing AI-powered tools is that they are more cost-effective. For instance, hiring a human writer, marketers or companies need to pay them per content or word. This will definitely disturb the overall budget of the company.

On the other hand, creating content using AI content creators, marketers, and companies can do the same in a much more cost-effective way.

Disadvantages of AI Tools in Content Marketing

Now that you understand, the advantages of using AI-based tools in content marketing. Let us take a look at some of the disadvantages that should not be neglected.
1.    Lack of creativity
One of the major issues that AI tools are facing, nowadays they lack the creativity that a human writer can add to his/her writing. AI tools can only generate content that is informative and engaging. They are not able to add a human touch to the content.

However, scientists and researchers are working hard to add a creative touch to the output of AI tools. But till now (2023), there is not much success they got in this regard.

2.    Risk of AI Content Detection
One disadvantage of utilizing AI-powered tools for content creation is the risk of AI content detection. Just like the availability of AI tools for creating marketing content, there are also AI-powered tools available that will detect content that is generated using AI tools.

These tools are being utilized by well-known marketing firms to detect AI-generated content. There are several reasons why big marketing firms are not accepting AI content because it lacks creativity and emotional touch.

So, if you are a content marketer who is generating content for a client, then there is a chance that the client will sooner or later flag your content as AI-generated.

AI-powered tools are proving to be extremely helpful for marketing in getting the most out of their marketing effort and to turn your data into something more visually appealing. These tools are making the content creation process quicker without compromising on quality. However, there are also disadvantages to utilizing AI-based tools that should not be neglected.

In this article, we have discussed both advantages and disadvantages of AI tools in content marketing. I hope this article will help in increasing the knowledge regarding Artificial intelligence tools.


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