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Is SEB Embedded the next Nordic success story? with Christoffer Malmer

Fintech Daydreaming S07E03 - Is SEB Embedded the next Nordic success story? with Christoffer Malmer

The future of banking will be dominated by platforms and embedded finance...

People do not want to consciously do banking, they want all banking and financial needs to be managed where they are and as embedded unconscious tasks within their every day life.

SEBx has been the poster child of Nordic bank innovation, embedded finance and subject of endless intrigue from the fintech community since its inception.

In my role as the CTO within the global IBM Core Banking and Payments ISV practice, I have had the pleasure to closely collaborate with one of our strategic partners Thought Machine for several years, and it is fantastic to see how their platform continues to drive success for SEBx and SEB Embedded.

It was fantastic to get a chance to sit down with Christoffer Malmer to discuss the journey he has taken with SEB Embedded and the plans for the future in our latest episode of Fintech Daydreaming.

Christoffer brought his usual energy and passion for the future of embedded finance and the continued platformification of the banking industry. An episode not to be missed...

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