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Driving Fintech Innovation at Speed with Anders Hammarbäck & Prakash Pattni

Fintech Daydreaming S07E07 - Driving Fintech Innovation at Speed with Anders Hammarbäck & Prakash Pattni

Have you ever wanted to ask a fintech VC what are the ingredients for your company's success and scaling globally? Us too!

Pål Krogdahl and Ville Sointu sat down with Prakash Pattni from IBM and Anders Hammarbäck from Antler to talk about the current trends in fintech but most importantly how to take a fintech idea to practical execution and how to get funding.

Will we be able to carry out a conversation about fintech trends without spiralling down the crypto debate drain? Are Pål and Ville able to handle two guests at once for the first time? Nothing left to do but to click that play button and listen to this fresh instalment of Fintech Daydreaming to find out!

This episode was produced in partnership with IBM.

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Between digital native customers demanding instant gratification and the ever increasing amount of regulation, financial institutions are between a rock and a hard place. The era of the fintech started after the 2008 financial crisis, challenging the status quo. More than a decade later banks haven’t gone anywhere, yet fintech is more relevant than ever. What happened with all the fintech hopes and dreams? In this podcast Pål Krogdahl & Ville

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