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When financial services are replaced by the Internet, will anyone go to bank?

Financial services were changes. In the past, we need to find a financial specialist in the bank to help with investment decisions. But now, you turn on your mobile phone and use the App, you can place an order directly. The system may also help collect market information, give investment advice, or contact a financial advisor through video calls, use fingerprint recognition and electronic signatures to complete the financial transaction. All of the banking services can be completed through the Internet and technology without having to go to the bank.

Online finance is the most important service in recent years. As imagination, the financial industry may not be limited to banks. Telecom operators and Internet companies have the opportunity to help with financial and transaction processes. Will the bank still exist? Or what kind of bank do we need?

1. Target customers

MACH Bank (a sub-brand of Hong Leong Bank Malaysia) uses a brand-new banking model and image to position customers as a digital young group, pursuing fashion, new things, and personalization. His products are only basic financial products such as savings, credit cards, insurance and personal loans, but it can meet the needs of most young people.

In addition, the product design can attract to young people, customers can set a "dream", set the amount and time limit required to realize the dream, Setup a regular funds transfers instruction to the "piggy bank". When the dream will be realized, the bank will provide generous savings interest rates as a reward.

MACH Bank does not start from the financial products itself but sell it as a lifestyle. For example, the bank website homepage is not only product promotion, but also introductions to popular restaurants and bars, attracting customers with a fashionable "MACH lifestyle”, then use MACH credit cards or consumer loans to realize this lifestyle.

2. Convenient bank

Easy Bank, a subsidiary of RHB Bank Malaysia, open many small and eye-catching stores in fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, post offices, subways and other places where in prosperous district.

The smallest of these stores is less than 10 square meters, and the larger ones are only 50-80 square meters. The storefronts are designed to be comfortable and relaxed, with a compact layout, making the product display eye-catching and elongated the business hours. Finally, through standardized and modular design, a consistent brand image, customer experience and make the bank more convenient.

3. Professional bank

Santander Bank (also known as the Spanish International Bank) offers products without unique ideas, but the prices are often lower than those of competitors, or they give a competitive rebate to customers.

Santander Bank in the United Kingdom, the customers not only have interest on the account balance, they can get free SMS and email reminder services, cash rebates one bill payment, such as Mobile fees or internet services fees, the cash rebates up to 3%, credit card payment can also get the highest cash rebate.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia launched a home loan mobile app, which can provide customers with end-to-end home purchase services, which embedded their home loan products and cross sales for their related products. After observing and tracking customers, they found their troubles in the process of buying a house, such as don't know how to find their ideal property, and don't know how to contact the property agent, etc., so the bank mobile application can solve these problems.

4. All-in-one banking

Wells Fargo Bank in the United States covers customer groups ranging from normal residents, small business owners, farmers, wealthy customers, or high-net-worth customers. It provides different products and services to different customer groups.

For example, for mass customers with assets of less than US$2.5, the general customer service staff mainly provide basic savings, personal loans and credit card products; for wealthy customers and private wealth management customers with assets of hundred thousand to 1 million US dollars, a Personal banker will be assisting in the purchase of stocks, bonds, funds, as well as mutual funds and wealth management products of various asset sizes and types.

5. Ecological integration

Rakuten is an example of an ecologically integrated financial provider in Japan. The main business includes Internet services, Internet finance and other three major sectors. Their online services and e-commerce shopping platform, as well as e-books, travel, etc. Online finance includes online banking, online brokerage, credit card, e-wallet, life insurance, etc. Other businesses include Rakuten Communications, Rakuten Baseball and Rakuten Institute of Technology in Tokyo.

The core platform is that e-commerce is the gateway to customers, and Rakuten's credit card payment and a Super Points membership system play the role of opening the entire ecosystem.


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