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Olympics and Fintech - Yes, that is possible

Olympics & Fintech - 

Olympics is a mega event with multiple ecosystems / dimensions within: -

- On one hand there is a sports event with participation from across the world
- There is a dimension of travel & tourism
- Loads of content is created and consumed
- There is a whole range of merchandise, branded products and services that will be transacted

All the above fuels commerce and can be effectively enabled with the 3F: Future Fintech Framework vision. Let us see how

- Banks & Fintechs can quickly create apps with curated travel experience, ticketing features, content with appropriate payments, insurance and related features which are in a flow.
- There can be alerts and gamification based on how well the customer engages and uses the apps / features.
- Use case can be richly enabled through FDLC (FIntech Digital Lifecycle)
- System components, functionalities, quick partnerhsips & integrations can be enabled through FLARE (Fintech Logical Architechture) & FAM (Fintech API Marketplace)

The benefit will truly enable a engaging, personalised & rich experience to help build loyalty with existing customers, whilst being a differentiator to get new customers.

That is the true digital approach to quickly capitalise on the opportunity, that is enabled through 3F: Future Fintech Framework (3F). Read more on or write to us at to know more on how to get the 3F Edge for winning in the digital world.

Olympics and Fintech

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